The Bag Man (A Movie Review)
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The Bag Man (A Movie Review)

The Bag Man The slow-but-inescapable erosion of John Cusack’s movie career has been steadily progressing for well over a decade now, but still it is disheartening to see one of the most interesting actors of the 80s and 90s mired in garbage like The Bag Man. Of course Cusack isn’t the only one slumming here.  Once … Continue reading

Nerds in New York – Comic-Con 2012
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Nerds in New York – Comic-Con 2012 Copyright ©2012  All rights reserved.Posted: October 14, 2012.  If  President Obama or Mitt Romney really considered “getting out the vote” all they would need to do is pay a little visit to Comic-Con in New York City. Yes, that little geek fair that attracts tens of thousands of people every year in October. … Continue reading