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Down the Shore (A Movie Review)

Down the Shore

Down the Shore

Down the Shore

The New Jersey shore has needed a lot of image renovation thanks to Jersey Shore.  What Snooki, the Situation and J-WOWWW didn’t do to destroy the good image of the tourist destination, a bad economy and Hurricane Sandy have piled onto. 

The drama Down the Shore will not undo some of the more depressive views of life on Jersey beaches, but to it’s credit it isn’t trying to be a Chamber of Commerce commercial for fun in the sun.  In fact, Down the Shore takes quite the opposite approach, more like old classics like Atlantic City and King of Marvin Gardens, the movie looks at the desperate lives of rundown people who survive on the frigid, lonely off-seasons.  Not to suggest that Down the Shore is in a class with those two great films, but it shares certain sensibilities.  And any time that the characters do shots, it is dramatically warranted, unlike the Jersey Shore crowd.  This is not jut mindless excess.

Down the Shore takes place in some unnamed little resort town in North Jersey, deep in winter.  (It was apparently filmed in Keansburg, NJ, a town I’ve never even heard of and I’ve been going to the Jersey Shore all my life, but it’s closer to New York, I’ve always gone to the South Jersey shore points.)  The tourists (called shoobies by shore folk, a Jersey shore quirk that doesn’t make this script) are mostly home, but a hardcore group of natives continue to make sure the concessions and rides work at the local amusement park.  When they are not trying to protect the rides from mother nature they are sitting in bars drinking or home sleeping.

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