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Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie (A Movie Review)

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie

Kids love dinosaurs.

That simple statement is both undeniable and widely understood and it is the greatest ace in the hole for the creators of Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie.

They know they have a built in audience for their film.  And if they have to dumb things down a little bit just to capture the fleeting attention spans of their target audience… well, that can be done.

Walking With Dinosaurs started as a museum exhibit-turned-arena spectacle in which special effects and a simple storyline made paleontology fun.  Most of the kids who went weren’t looking to pick up on the Latin names of the different species or specifics of life in the dinosaur era – they wanted to see the giganotosaurus and the pterodactyls fighting.

If they picked up a little knowledge along the way, bonus.

Now, through the miracles of CGI, the exhibit has been turned into a film.

First things first.  Walking With Dinosaurs – The Movie looks stunning.  Both the dinosaurs and the world they inhabit are designed with care and awe-inspiring to watch.

Of course kids aren’t going to sit still for some hour and a half long science lesson, so the producers had to make it kid friendly.  Sadly, that means talking dinosaurs, a power struggle, a journey of self-discovery and lots of unnecessary toilet humor.

The storyline of Walking With Dinosaurs has been lifted from every kid’s movie since Bambi.  Young runt of the litter Patchi (voiced by Justin Long) is the son of the herd’s chief, but he is shy and weak and way too curious for his own good.  His older brother Scowler (Skyler Stone) is a bit of a bully and Patchi’s constant nemesis.  Then Patchi meets Juniper (Tiya Sircar) a cute girl dinosaur, and he is instantly smitten.  But Scowler likes her, too.  When dad is killed saving their life from a predator, the two brothers have to prove their mettle, fighting over who will be responsible for saving the herd and getting the girl.

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