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James Van Der Beek – CSI: Cyber Star Balances His Career and Life As a Dad

James Van Der Beek poses for his short film "Just the Flu Facts."

James Van Der Beek poses for his short film “Just the Flu Facts.”

James Van Der Beek

CSI: Cyber Star Balances His Career and Life As a Dad

by Landyn Gerace

For more than 20 years James Van Der Beek has been a household name to families everywhere. From his notable role as Dawson Leery on Dawson’s Creek to playing a comic version of himself on Don’t Trust the B——in Apt. 23, he never fails to impress his audience.

The father of three is currently starring in CSI: Cyber alongside Patricia Arquette and Shad Moss. The show is to set to premiere on Wednesday, March 4 at 10/9c. On CSI: Cyber, Van Der Beek plays the role of Elijah Mundo, who works with crimes that filter from the Internet.

He previously had guest appearances on popular television shows Criminal Minds, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. His role as a FBI agent Mundo allows him the chance to play opposite of his previous roles on crime based shows. CSI: Cyber will serve as the fourth spinoff series from the original hit show CSI.

With many dramas under his belt such as Varsity Blues, Van Der Beek is also well known for his comedic characters such as Adam Reese on One Tree Hill and his work with Funny or Die and acting out popular memes.

James Van Der Beek on the set of his video "Just the Flu Facts."

James Van Der Beek on the set of his video “Just the Flu Facts.”


“It’s a crazy business and I’m very aware of how fortunate I am,” Van Der Beek says.

Outside of his career, the actor has proven to be quite the family man. Parenthood can completely change one’s career but Van Der Beek seems to make it all come full circle.

“I have more mouths to feed!” the actor jokes about how being a dad has affected his work. “When it comes to getting work and generating work… you start to ask the question ‘what am I putting out?’ Before kids I was a little more preoccupied.”

The CSI: Cyber star also uses his work to promote flu vaccines, especially with his children’s health in mind.

He recently starred in short video promoting flu vaccinations where he appears to be on an at-home camping trip with his daughter. The video consists of Van Der Beek providing viewers with good facts to know about the vaccination and discussing common flu myths.

“This is one of those situations where just getting a little more information out there will help people be a lot better than I had been,” says Van Der Beek on the FluMist video.

The video, entitled “Just the Flu Facts,” allows the actor to be his comedic self that his fans know and love, with a few references to his career viewers will be sure to pick up on.

As far as the entertainment industry goes, the family man says he is a huge fan of his kids getting into the arts.

“I encourage them to keep it fun for as long as possible,” he says.

And if they were to spark an interest in the entertainment world someday?

“It was a salvation for me,” Van Der Beek continues. “I’ve met a lot of great people in the industry.”

Van Der Beek’s youngest daughter recently made a visit to the CBS set as the proud father tweeted a picture of her. With a time-consuming career, he takes advantage of anytime he spend with his three young children.

“I love having them [on set] whenever I can… especially the hours that I’m working.”

When the Van Der Beek kids aren’t on set with their well-known father, James says he and his wife Kimberly enjoy taking their two daughters and son on trips and vacations.

“We’re pretty adventurous, if that means taking a two week road trip, that’s what we do.”

At the end of the day James Van Der Beek says it’s all about being happy with what you’re doing. Like all dads, he wants that for his family as well.

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