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Cody Ko and Noel Miller – Franklin Music Hall – Philadelphia, PA – February 6, 2019 (A Concert Review)

Cody Ko and Noel Miller – Franklin Music Hall – Philadelphia, PA – February 6, 2019 – Photo by Maria Gilles © 2019

Cody Ko and Noel Miller – Franklin Music Hall – Philadelphia, PA – February 6, 2019

From their “That’s Cringe” series, and “Love Island” game series, to touring the country, YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller have a unique sense of humor that appeals to many people in the online community. The pair not only has many videos together on both of their YouTube channels reaching over millions of views, they also have a live podcast and rap career under the duo name “Tiny Meat Gang.”

Tiny Meat Gang brought their sold-out night of comedy to the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia on February 6th. The show featured a stand-up comedy show presented by the two YouTube comedians. It was very interactive with the crowd. They included not only a Q&A with the audience, but they would interact with the viewers as the show went on, making jokes about them and having conversations with them.

It featured a couple segments with auto-tuned microphones, making the jokes and comedic songs even funnier. They opened up the show with a funny song sarcastically trashing the fans seated in the first couple of rows from the stage. The duo also did a live “That’s Cringe” segment where they made jokes while watching a cringey college fraternity tour. Cody and Noel stated they might do a Tiny Meat Gang music tour bringing their funny rap beats around the country.

From stories about first girlfriends, to complaining about having the flu while on a tour bus, the show was full of comedy – but not for all ages. Overall, an amazing show, I would definitely recommend any fans of the two to go see the live show. I will most certainly be seeing Tiny Meat Gang again, maybe next time on the Tiny Meat Gang music tour.

Maria Gilles

Copyright ©2019 All rights reserved. Posted: February 10, 2019.

Photos by Maria Gilles © 2019

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