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Chelsea Cutler – Terminal 5 – New York, NY – March 3, 2020 (A Concert Review)

Chelsea Cutler – Terminal 5 – New York, NY – March 3, 2020 – Photo by Tyler Michael DiValerio © 2020

Chelsea Cutler – Terminal 5 – New York, NY – March 3, 2020

On a rainy night in upper Manhattan, Chelsea Cutler came out on a Tuesday with an energy only ever reserved for a Saturday night. Almost instantly, she connected with her sold out Terminal 5 crowd. Jumping right into “Are You Listening,” the crowd immediately rose to her level, not missing a single word. Chelsea’s most recent album, How to Be Human, had only been out a few months since dropping in mid-January but the crowd sang along with her as if they’d known her words for years.

At only 22 and on her biggest tour yet, Chelsea had seemingly mastered the art of commanding a crowd. She opened with fan favorites like “How to Be Human” and “Love You More,” pausing intermittently only to talk and joke with the crowd eagerly awaiting the next song. Making known that she’s always dreamt of performing at Terminal 5, a dream that came because of her being on her fans’ side and watching her favorite performers on that very same stage. As the show went on, Chelsea never lost touch with every person in the audience. She sang to the third floor just as much as she did the front row, she had an incredible way of making such a large venue feel very intimate.

Throughout the show, Chelsea continued to wow the crowd, performing all the favorites from her latest album as well as covering some of her own favorites such as “Mr. Brightside” and “Not OK.” For almost three hours, Chelsea kept every person in the audience in the same bubble as her, singing every song with everything they had and dancing along with her at every break. If Chelsea can perform at this level so early in her career, she has a long and impressive run ahead of her. Going in only semi-familiar with her songs, I’m excited to say I’m now part of the hype and cannot wait for her to release new music.

Sarah Rivera

Copyright ©2020 All rights reserved. Posted: March 7, 2020.

Photos by Tyler Michael DiValerio © 2020

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