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Return of the Art Show

LA Art Show 2021

Return of the Art Show

The LA Art Show kicked off on Thursday, July 29, displaying work of all mediums from artists across the world. Although the show had some limitations for safety protocols, it proved highly popular with thousands of guests in attendance.

Susan Sofer Cohn at LA Art Show 2021

Opening night was filled with drinks, food, and immersive art such as Susan Soffer Coffer’s lighted and fog-filled tunnel featuring her bright and inked work. John Kilduff’s immersive saloon featured thickly painted cocktails, cardboard signs, and a bar top to give the illusion of a bar. Guests were able to order “drinks” that Kilduff created himself, and proceeds went to bars and venues financially struggling in the pandemic.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Art at LA Art Show 2021

Partnering with the LA Art Show, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital showcased a wall of paintings and drawings made by patients.

Larissa Safaryan at LA Art Show 2021

The most extensive exhibit, Modern + Contemporary, highlighted both old and new techniques within the genre. Artists that stood out include Larissa Safiryan for her eggshell-covered canvases and sculptures. More crowd favorites were Lucia Heffernan, Stuart Dunkel, and Tony South who personified animals within their paintings.

Pablo Picasso at LA Art Show 2021

Another part of the show was DIVERSEartLA, curated by Marisa Caichiolo, featuring women and non-binary artists. These pieces focused on the fusing of art, science, and technology in conjunction with their displaying museums, non-profits, and institutions.

Tania Rivilis at LA Art Show 2021

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Los Angeles Convention Center welcomed guests to the 26th annual art show and will do the same next year for their 27th. Make sure to visit the next LA Art Show January 19-23, 2022 to experience the curated art destination.

Mia Jessie

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Photos by Camille Jessie © 2021

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