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New Hope Club – The Foundry – Philadelphia (A Concert Review)

New Hope Club – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – July 12, 2022 – Photo by Kayla Marra © 2022

New Hope Club – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – July 12, 2022

Checking out the First Night of New Hope Club’s “Getting Better Tour”

On Tuesday, July 12th, the boys of New Hope Club took the stage at Philadelphia’s The Foundry. As this was the first night of the US leg of the Getting Better Tour, fans were buzzing with excitement hours before the band set foot on stage. Early in the afternoon, the line to enter the venue grew with fans, excited to see their favorite group for the first time in years. Finally back from posting covers on YouTube to touring the world together, New Hope Club was more than ready to get up on the stage.

Prior to New Hope Club’s electric performance, supporting act Vaultboy set the vibe for the night with an emotional performance. The singer performed the viral hit “Everything Sucks” and some new and unreleased tracks. Due to the Foundry’s intimate set-up, fans were even able to chat with Vaultboy between songs, as well as ask questions about his music.

After his set, Vaultboy headed to the back of the venue to greet fans and take photos. We were able to chat with him for a couple of minutes and his positive vibes really radiated throughout the venue.

About half an hour later, the lights went down, and everyone’s favorite British boyband stepped on stage, for the first night of their headlining tour. Screams of fans grew louder as the first few notes of NHC’s hit single “Getting Better” began to play. Members George Smith, Reece Bibby, and Blake Richardson seemed just as happy to perform for their fans as their fans were to see them. Every single person in the room was on their feet, grooving with the band.

NHC also performed fan favorites “Medicine,” “Girl Who Does Both,” “Somebody That You Loved,” and so many more! The vibes in Philly the night of the show were unmatched, as well as the love NHC showed to their fans and vice-versa. The night ended with an oldie-but-a-goodie, “Know Me Too Well.” The fans were so incredibly excited to hear the song live that they belted the words just as loud as the speakers blaring through the venue. 

New Hope Club never fails to not only put on an amazing show but to make each and every person in the crowd feel seen. Multiple times throughout the show, the boys expressed their gratitude to everyone who came out to see them, making sure to have eye contact with as many fans as possible. Though this was only the first night of the Getting Better Tour, George, Blake, and Reece put on the show of their lives.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the guys before their show about new music, their songwriting process, and even Philly Sports. (Interview coming soon!)

Make sure to check out New Hope Club’s two most recent singles “Getting Better” and “Girl Who Does Both” and keep an eye out for some new music coming soon!

Kayla Marra

Copyright ©2022 All rights reserved. Posted: July 17, 2022.

Photos by Kayla Marra © 2022

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