Melanie Lynskey Must Be Staying
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Melanie Lynskey Must Be Staying Melanie Lynskey Must Be Staying by Jay S. Jacobs It’s kind of shocking talking with Melanie Lynskey, after watching her ascend on TV and film for over a decade now.  Over the years, she has been building a sterling reputation for playing the perfect American everywoman, a cute and funny but often surprisingly soulful … Continue reading

Famke Janssen – Bringing Up New Challenges
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Famke Janssen – Bringing Up New Challenges Famke Janssen Bringing Up New Challenges by Jay S. Jacobs Famke Janssen’s American dream keeps mutating.  The striking actress moved from her native Holland in the mid-Eighties and became an in-demand fashion model.  However, Janssen was always obsessed with films.  She quickly segued into that world, getting a breakout role as a gorgeous assassin … Continue reading

Dylan O’Brien – Feels Like the First Time
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Dylan O’Brien – Feels Like the First Time

Dylan O’Brien Feels Like the First Time by Jay S. Jacobs It all started with YouTube.  Dylan O’Brien was just a typical teen living in Hermosa Beach, California when he started making a series of little films for the site.  They built up a huge following – and suddenly O’Brien was in play in Hollywood. … Continue reading

Dermot Mulroney is an Innocent Man
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Dermot Mulroney is an Innocent Man Dermot Mulroney An Innocent Man by Ronald Sklar This Hollywood survivor tells us about survival in Southeast Asia while making his newest flick, Trade of Innocents. Take a look at Dermot Mulroney’s IMDb. Holy crap, it goes on for miles. It may not have occurred to you until this very moment, but this cat … Continue reading

Pitch Perfect (A Movie Review)
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Pitch Perfect (A Movie Review) Pitch Perfect It’s hard to watch the trailer for the new comedy about a loser college a capella group trying to win the national championship by throwing down with current hit singles and not get the primal reaction: Are they remaking Glee for the big screen? No, not exactly.  First of all, Glee has … Continue reading

Candace Bailey – The Attack of the Hostess
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Candace Bailey – The Attack of the Hostess Candace Bailey Attack of the Hostess by Jay S. Jacobs Cute, funny actress and hostess Candace Bailey makes G4’s cutting-edge pop culture series Attack of the Show a must-see for the tech-savvy viewer.  The fast-paced show shares entertainment news, tech previews, wacky videos and retro commercials with snarky love, good humor and unmitigated respect. … Continue reading